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The Comte De Gabalis

by Abbé N. de Montfaucon de Villars

The core of this book is an anonymous English translation of a French 'novel of ideas' originally published in 1670. The Abbé de Villars, the author, was a French clergyman born in 1635 in Alet, near Toulouse in the south of France. He came to Paris in 1667, where he wrote a number of books, most of which other than this work which have been forgotten or lost. He was assassinated in 1673 or (by some accounts) 1675 while on the road from Lyons to his native Languedoc.

The book describes an encounter with a mysterious Comte de Gabalis, who is a master of the occult sciences. Gabalis initiates de Villars into the secrets of the elemental beings: the Sylphs of the Air, the Undines of the Water, the Gnomes of the Earth and the Salamanders of Fire. The Abbé is not sure whether the elementals are demons, while Gabalis encourages him to symbolically (?) marry one of the elementals.

Of course there is a lot more going on here than the dialog would indicate. There are profuse classical and esoteric references. This particular edition wraps the translation in a heavy cloak of parallel commentary, footnotes, endnotes and sub-footnotes. The additional material will be of much interest by itself, as a miscellany of esoteric topics including a whole section of prophecies. And even though there are hints, neither the original text nor the commentary ever discloses exactly who the Comte de Gabalis is...

Production Notes. The first portion of this edition, the 'Discourses' section, has commentary on facing pages; these were turned into footnotes instead of trying to reproduce the page layout. For a number of reasons, it was impossible to run a full spellcheck on this text, so there are undoubtedly more OCR errors left in this text than usual. As usual, I welcome any comments about typographical errors.

Title Page and Front Matter
The Book
Abbé N. De Montfaucon de Villars
Discourse I
Discourse II
Discourse III
Discourse IV
Ancient Persian Monument
Discourse V

Commentary Continued

A. Map of the Horoscope
B. Harmony of the World
C. Numbers of Pythagoras
D. Sylphs of Cardan
E. Averroes
F. Saint Paul an Initiate
G. Plato, His Place as a Philosopher
H. Benvenuto Cellini Sees a Salamander
I. Book of Enoch
J. The Egg and Serpent Symbol
K. Those Reserved For Greater Things
L. Panic Terrors. Origin of the Term
M. The Great Pan is Dead
N. Jansenists
O. Jean Bodin
P. Moses And Elias Fasted Forty Days
Q. Bacchus and Osiris the Same
R. Muhammed
S. King Saul
T. The Oracle of Dodona
U. Divine Power of Letters
V. Oracle of Celius Rhodiginus
W. Sambethe, Daughter of Noah
X. Justin Martyr's Statement
Y. Temple of Hercules in Armenia
Z. Plato on Man's Place in Nature
AA. Sir Thomas Browne on Man's Place in Nature
BB. Curtius Rufus
CC. King Rodriguez Warning
DD. The Inmates of the Cave, or the Story of the Seven Sleepers
EE. Sleep
Thotmes III
FF. Behemoth and Leviathan
GG. The Holy Language Described by Emmanuel Swedenborg
HH. Moses an Initiate
II. Book of the Wars of the Lord
JJ. Sacred Fire
KK. Noah, Vesta and Egeria
LL. Prince de Mirande and the Cabala
MM. Japhet
NN. Nymph of Stauffenberg
OO. Magdalen of the Cross
PP. Cassiodorus Renius or Reyna
QQ. Gertrude, Nun of the Monastery of Nazareth in the Diocese of Cologne
RR. Romulus
SS. Servius Tullius
TT. Hercules
UU. Master Defined
VV. Roman Worship of a Supreme Deity Without Image or Statue
WW. Recent Tidings of the Elementary Peoples?
XX. Tyresias
YY. Merlin's Prophecy of the Conquest of the Air and of Aerial and Submarine Warfare
AAA. Cherubim
The Birth of Jesus as Related in the Koran
BBB. Proclus On Prayer
CCC. Lord of Bavaria
DDD. The Sabat
EEE. Zedekias
FFF. Karoli Magni Et Ludovici Pii Christioniss:--Capitula
GGG. Magicians Sent by Grimaldus, Duke of Beneventum
HHH. Bishop of Lyons

Commentary Concluded

Seven Ancient Prophecies
First Prophecy. The Magi's Prophecy of World Peace and a Universal Language
Second Prophecy. The Sibylline Prophecy of World Peace and the Reign of Justice
Third Prophecy. Enoch's Prophecy of World Peace and the Giving Forth of Books
Fourth Prophecy. Micah's Prophecy of World Peace and Freedom of Religion
Fifth Prophecy. Elder Edda. Prophecy of World Peace and Return of the Ancient Wisdom
Sixth Prophecy. Bible Prophecy of World Peace Declaring the Manner of its Accomplishment
Seventh Prophecy. Merlin's Prophecy of World Peace and Enlightenment
Muhammed's Prophecy of Truth
Israels' Prophecy of Justice
Prophecy of the Messenger and the Stone set up in Egypt

Hymn To The Sovereign Sun

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Psychology of the Future

Alice Bailey - Esoteric Psychology (Master D.K)

the foundation of the new psychology must inevitably be built upon the premise that this one life is not man's sole opportunity in which to achieve integration and eventual perfection.  The great Law of Rebirth must be accepted and it will then be found to be, in itself, a major releasing agent in any moment of crisis or any psychological problem case.

The recognition of further opportunity and a lengthened sense of time are both quieting and helpful to many types of mind; its interpretative value will be found illuminating as the patient grasps the fact that behind him lie points of crisis wherein it can be demonstrated by his present equipment that he achieved integration, thus guaranteeing to him victory in his present point of crisis and of difficult conflict.  The light which this throws on relationships and environment will serve to stabilise his purpose and make him comprehend the inevitability of responsibility.

When this great law is understood in its true implications and not interpreted in terms of its present childish presentation, then man will shoulder the responsibility of living with a daily recognition of the past, an understanding of the purpose of the present, and with an eye to the future.  This will also greatly lessen the growing tendency towards suicide which humanity is showing.

It will be apparent to you, therefore, that the time element can enter into the problem most helpfully and it is here that a real understanding of the Law of Rebirth, or of the Law of Opportunity (as I would prefer to call it) will be of definite usefulness.  Above everything else, it will bring into the attitude of both psychologist and problem case, the idea of hope, the thought of fulfillment and of ultimate achievement.

It will also be essential that the psychologist of the future should arrive at a recognition and an admittance of the inner structure of the human being—of his emotional vehicle, his mind body and their close inter-relation through the medium of the vital or etheric body which serves ever as the linking web between the dense physical body and the other bodies.

The soul and its triplicity of energies (life itself, expressing will or purpose, love and intelligence) work through the seven major centres, whilst the mind body and the astral body work through many other centres, though possessing also within themselves seven centres which are the transmitting counterparts of those found in the etheric body.

The integrations which evolution eventually effects are carried out through the medium of all these centres.  Through the heightening of vibration, through the swinging into activity of the centres, and through the subsequent and consequent development of the human response apparatus, new avenues of approach to reality, new qualities of awareness, new sensitivity to that which has hitherto been unrecognised, and new powers begin to open up.

Each man is, therefore, within himself, a hierarchy, a reflection of a great chain of being—the Being which the universe expresses. 

Psychology has to recognise eventually:
1. The fact of the soul, the integrating agent, the self.
2. The Law of Opportunity or Rebirth.
3. The nature of the inner structure of man and its relation to the outer tangible form.

It is interesting to note that practically all the teaching given anent rebirth or reincarnation has emphasised the material phenomenal side though there has always been a more or less casual reference to the spiritual and mental gains acquired in the school of life upon this planet, from incarnation to incarnation.  The true nature of the unfolding awarenes and the growth in the inner consciousness of the true man have been little noted; the gain of each life in added grasp of the mechanism of contact, and the result of increased sensitivity to the environment (which are the only values with which the self concerns itself), are seldom, if ever, stressed.

Details of living conditions, statements about possible material situations, descriptions of places, clothes, and of personality human relations are imaginatively displayed, and the "recovery of past incarnations" has usually been the so-called recovery of dramatic episodes which feed the innate sense of individuality of the reincarnating man, and usually feed his vanity as well.  This curious presentation has been due to several things.

First of all, to the fact that the world of illusion is the dominating factor as yet in the lives of the best of men; secondly, that the point in evolution has been such that the writer or speaker has not been able to view the life cycle from the angle of the soul, detached and undeluded, for had he done so, the material phenomenal descriptions would have been omitted and probably not even perceived, and only the values—spiritual and mental—and those matters which concern the group interior life would have been emphasised.

The methods used to present this age-old doctrine of rebirth, and the false emphasis laid upon the form aspect to the exclusion of the soul values, have brought about a bad reaction to the whole subject in the minds of intelligent people and of the scientific investigator.  Yet, in spite of this, real good has been accomplished, for the whole theory has been seeping steadily into the racial consciousness, becoming an integral part of it and, therefore, moving on to popular and finally scientific recognition.

In considering the inner structure of man and those factors which produce the outer appearance and quality and condition it, thus producing the resultant behaviour and conduct, psychologists will have to study the following subjects, beginning with the lowest aspect and expanding their ideas to include the highest possible.  These might be grouped and listed as follows:

1. The outer response apparatus, acting under impulses received from the outer environment and the inner subjective realms.  These come, according to the esoteric theories, via

a. The brain, from whence certain aspects of the nervous system are directed and controlled, first by mental influence and then by conscious soul direction.
b. The endocrine or glandular system, acting under impulses entering the physical body via the seven centres in the etheric body; of these centres, the glandular system is simply the externalisation, or physical counterpart.  The glands condition the man through the blood stream, being in their turn conditioned by the centres.
c. The solar plexus, directing and controlling certain aspects of the nervous system, and which is in large part the instinctual or animal brain.
d. The heart, the centre of life.

2. The vital or etheric body.  This is the major energising factor and is an exact replica or counterpart of the outer form, being the true intermediary between the inner worlds and the outer man.  The nadis (lines or threads of force) underlie every nerve in the human body and the centres which they form at certain points of intersection or juncture are the background or motivating agency of every ganglion or plexus found in the human body.  Certain of these centres, major and minor, are of unique evolutionary importance.  These are as follows:

a. The head centre is the seat of soul energy, or the centre through which the conscious, spiritual man functions.
b. The heart centre is the seat of life, of the highest principle which expresses itself through man.
c. The solar plexus centre is the seat of the instinctual life, of the animal soul, and of the highly developed emotional nature.
d. The centre at the base of the spine is the major integrating centre and comes into functioning activity when two major fusions have been effected:  that of the fusions of the three bodies into one coordinated personality, and when soul and body are at-oned.

3. The emotional or sentient body, which is often called the astral body.  From this vehicle emanate the desires, impulses, aspirations and those conflicts of duality which so oft afflict and hinder the disciple.  It is the seat also of the creative, imaginative life of man.  It also possesses centres of force which are counterparts of those to be found in the etheric body, but for the majority of people it is energised mainly from the world of illusion and from the astral plane.  It is from this plane of illusory awareness, that the advanced man has to learn to withdraw himself.

4. The mind nature, which works through four centres and only four.

5. The soul itself,  or the true spiritual man, the self in manifestation, working through or seeking to work through, its phenomenal appearance, the fourfold lower man.


I use the term subconscious to signify the entire instinctual life of the form nature, all the inherited tendencies and innate predispositions, all the acquired and accumulated characteristics (acquired in past incarnations and frequently lying dormant unless suddenly evoked by stress of circumstance) and all the unformulated wishes and urges which drive a man into activity, plus the suppressed and unrecognised desires, and the unexpressed ideas which are present, though unrealised.  The subconscious nature is like a deep pool from which a man can draw almost anything from his past experience, if he so desires, and which can be stirred up until it becomes a boiling cauldron, causing much distress.


The conscious is limited to that which the man knows himself to be and have in the present—the category of qualities, characteristics, powers, tendencies and knowledges of all kinds which constitute a man’s stock in trade and of which he is definitely aware or of which the psychologist is aware.  These are displayed in his window for all to see, and they make him what he apparently is to the outer onlooking world.


By the super-conscious, I mean those potencies and knowledges which are available but which are as yet uncontacted and unrecognised and, therefore, of no immediate use.  These are the wisdom, love and abstract idealism which are inherent in the nature of the soul but which are not yet, and never have been a part of the equipment available for use.  Eventually, all these powers will be recognised and used by the man.  These potencies and realisations are called in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by the interesting name of "the raincloud of knowable things."  These "knowable things" will eventually drop into the conscious aspect of a man's nature and become an integral part of his intellectual equipment.  Finally, as evolution proceeds and the ages pass away, they will drop into the subconscious aspect of his nature, as his power to grasp the super-conscious grows in capacity.  I might make this point clearer to you if I pointed out that just as the instinctual nature is today found largely in the realm of the subconscious, so in due time, the intellectual part of man (of which he is at this time becoming increasingly aware) will be relegated to a similar position and will drop below the threshold of consciousness.  The intuition will then take its place.  For most people, the free use of the intuition is not possible, because it lies in the realm of the super-conscious.

All these movements within the realm of consciousness,—from the subconscious to the immediately conscious and from thence to the super-conscious—are essentially crises of integration, producing temporary situations which must be handled. 

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The Hidden History of Humanity

The Hidden History of Humanity Documentary released today by Phillip Lindsay based on his book with the same title!

Watch the documentary:
More on the Hidden History of Humanity Project:

About the book: "Here is the clearest exposition since Blavatsky of the Rootraces and their cycles, from the birth of the human soul in ancient Lemuria through Atlantis to our modern Fifth Rootrace. There are many useful explanatory tables diagrams and timelines that demonstrate astronomical & astrological bases of the ‘rounds’, ‘yugas’ and other cycles, including scientific correspondences. There is also an exhaustive esoteric interpretation of Genesis from the racial and cyclic angle, using the Ten Patriarchs as a key for the duration and order of the races; there are several breakthroughs here, never published before."

More books by Phillip Lindsay:

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The Spiritual Layers of Man

By Carol Herzer and Dirk Gillabel


By  Sonja Papadimitriou
Subtle Bodies 12

When the higher vibrations from the universe as a Cosmic Energy reach the earth and are absorbed in the Human Body, fill all energetic centers expressing themselves throw aura which are forming the subtle bodies.

Vibrations means the degree of life.

Life in the physical body is slower than life in the atmic body.

The first three Layers are on the Physical Plane: Etheric Body, Emotional Body & the Mental Body.
The Astral Body, where the Heart Chakra resides is the only Layer that stands alone. This is the Astral Plane (bridge)

The top three layers reside on the Spiritual Plane – The Etheric Template, Celestial Body & Ketheric Body.

Layer 1 – Etheric Body (Lower Etheric Aspect)The Physical Energy Body – The first layer is our physical energy body.

This is the layer that we generally think of as our physical selves.
But, our physical bodies are also energy, same as the other layers of the body that most people cannot see or sense on a physical level.
The physical body is the body that is best known to modern science. It comprises of the skeletal framework, muscles, tissues, organs, blood, 5 sense organs, etc.
The physical body we have contains the rest of the bodies ( 6 invisible bodies).
Our human body consists of five layers of energy.
The first layer is our physical body.

The outer four layers of energy are commonly referred to as your aura.

Collectively, these five layers or “energy bodies” are the human energy field. An energy medicine practitioner treats all layers of the human energy field, not just the physical layer.

The seven subtle bodies can be broken down as follows: There are three physical plane bodies, three spiritual plane bodies and the astral body, which is the bridge between the lower and higher bodies.
The lower three bodies process energies dealing with the physical plane, whereas the upper three process energies from the spiritual planes.

That means, God is very much felt from the upper bodies than the lower ones
So from here we can divide a human into 2 groups of bodies ( the lower bodies and the higher bodies).

The energies from the higher planes must pass through the “fire of the heart” – the heart chakra– to reach and be completely of use by the lower bodies. Each level has its own seven chakras, which can be found within the other auric chakras.

The lower bodies are : The physical body, the astral body, the mental body.

The lower bodies is a trinity (1,2,3 bodies), this group of body is a copy of the higher bodies, which is also a trinity.
Trinity as you might already know is the expression of a kind of life.

So what kind of life a normal human being usually have, the answer is the “The life of the lower bodies” (the lower trinity), yes because human in general function in that lower group of bodies.
The group of lower bodies is the lower nature (or lower self) of a human, and the group of higher bodies is the higher nature (or higher self) of a human.

The higher bodies are : the Causal body , the buddic body and the Atmic body..
As each layer extends outwards, the chakras vibrate at higher rates.
So the seven chakras within the etheric body will be vibrating at a much lower frequency then the seven chakras within the causal body.

So the root chakra, for example, will have 7 major chakras, all vibrating at different frequencies.
Energy can thus be transmuted between all bodies to all chakras.
Our lower nature is connected to the lower worlds ( or the lower regions of the universe), and our higher nature is connected to the higher worlds (or higher plans of existence), also called “the spiritual worlds”. 
Image result for seven subtle bodies
The subtle body
subtle body is one of a series of psycho-spiritual constituents of living beings, according to various esoteric, occult, and mystical teachings. According to such beliefs each subtle body corresponds to a subtleplane of existence, in a hierarchy or great chain of being that culminates in the physical form.
The subtle body is defined as that part of our being or consciousness that leaves our physical body at the time of physical death.
It comprises of the mental body, the causal body or intellect, the supra causal body or subtle ego and the soul.
What is left behind at the time of physical death is our physical body.
The vital energy is released back into the Universe.
The following are some other aspects of the subtle body

Subtle sense organs: By subtle sense organs we mean the subtle aspect of our 5 sense organs by which we are able to perceive the subtle realm.

For example we are able to perceive a subtle fragrance such as jasmine without there being any stimulus to cause it. Also the fragrance may only be experienced by one person and not by the others in the same room.

This is explained in more detail. 

Subtle motor organs: By subtle motor organs we mean the subtle aspect of our physical motor organs such as our arms, tongue, etc.
All activity is initiated first in subtle motor organs and then executed in the physical dimension by one’s gross motor organs. 

The subtle ego or the supracausal body is the final vestige of the nescience and is the feeling that we are separate from God.


The vital energy body
This is the body also known as the pranadeha.
This body provides the vital, life sustaining energy for all the functions of the physical as well as the mental body.
There are five types of vital energies or praana:
  • Prāna: Energy for the activity of inhalation.
  • Udāna: Energy for the activity of exhalation and speech.
  • Samāna: Energy for the activity of the stomach and intestines.
  • Vyāna: Energy for voluntary and involuntary movements of the body.
  • Apāna: Energy for urination, excretion, ejaculation, childbirth, etc.
At the time of death the vital energy is released back into the Universe and also helps in propelling the subtle body in its onward journey.

Etheric Body (Lower Etheric Aspect) 1  Layer
The first layer of the body is the Etheric Body and is associated with physical aspects and awareness of the material body .It is related to the First (Root) Chakra. It’s a quarter of an inch – to two inches outside the skin of the physical body. It is on the next higher vibrational level to the physical body which has the lowest vibrational level. It bridges the connection of the material body to the higher bodies.

Emotional Body (Lower Emotional Aspect) 2Layer
The second auric layer is the Emotional Body associated with the vibrational level of inner feelings and related to the Second (Sacral Plexus) Chakra.

It’s one to three inches from the body. This body or auric layer and all higher layers are perceived by the third eye. The second auric body, or next finer after the Etheric Body is the Emotional Body. It is associated with feelings. Its structure is much more fluid than the Etheric Body and does not duplicate the physical body.

Mental Body (Lower Mental Aspect) Layer 3
The third auric layer is the Mental Body which is associated with the vibrational level of thoughts and mental processes of the ego and related to the Third (Solar Plexus) Chakra.
It extends three up to eight inches around from the physical body. This body extends beyond the Emotional and is composed of still finer substances, all of which are associated with thoughts and mental processes.

This body appears as a bright yellow light radiating about the head and shoulders and extending around the whole body. The Mental Body is a also a structured body. it contains the structure of our ideas.
– Astral Body    Image result for astral body4Layer
The fourth auric layer is the Astral Body associated with areas of expression on a physical, emotional and mental level and is related to the Fourth (Heart) Chakra.

It is called the bridge between the denser or lower vibrations of the physical plane and the finer or higher vibrations of the spiritual planes. It is the layer in which all energy must pass through when going from one world to the other. It extends about half a foot up to one foot around from the body. The Astral Body tends to have the same colors as the Emotional Body, but infused with the Rose Light Color of Love. The heart chakra of a loving person is infused with the rose light on the Astral Level.

Etheric Template Body (Physical Aspect) 5 Layer

Image result for etheric bodyThe fifth auric layer is the Etheric Template associated with aspects of the physical body and related to the Fifth (Throat) Chakra.
Known as a blueprint of the lower etheric body and where matter is shaped into the physical aspect.
The vibrational level in this layer is where sound creates matter.

Celestial Body (Emotional Aspect)  6LayerRelated image
The sixth auric layer is the Celestial Body associated with processes of enlightenment and related to the Sixth (Brow or Third Eye) Chakra.
It is composed almost exclusively of light and is also known as the intuitive level.
This layer gives us access to higher qualities of feelings, thoughts and manifestations.

Ketheric or Causal Body (Mental Aspect)  7 LayerRelated image
The seventh layer is the Ketheric or Causal Body associated with the Divine or Universal Consciousness and is related to the Seventh (Crown) Chakra.
The causal body contains the life plan or “soul contract” and reflects all experiences and events that the soul has ever experienced and is the level directly related to the current incarnation.
The ketheric body is the purest form and link to God, within each of us.

Memory Body 8 Layer
The eighth layer is the Time Layer associated with interfaces from past Akashic Records, present and future karmic memories, or existences and is related to the Eighth (Memory or Time Continuum) Chakra. This layer is also known as the “White Zone.” It is connected with the crown of the head and extends upward one foot up to three feet above the physical body.

– Soul Body 9 Layer
The ninth layer is the Soul Body or Soul Level, associated with the planes between the worlds of heaven and now and is related to the Ninth (Soul Star) Chakra. This layer interfaces with our “oneness” with Divine order in our pre-destined soul contracts. This auric layer is very small and occupies an almost non-existent space on the physical plane. It is located several inches above the head.

– Integrative Body  10 Layer
The tenth layer is the Integrative Body that serves as a pathway between the physical and the spiritual worlds and related to the Tenth (Grounding) Chakra. This layer is also known as the “traveling path” for the “dream body” in which is able to separate itself from the physical body and enter into the astral realms. It can access data from our genetic and soul heritage and contains imprints of our soul purpose. It is also recognized as the layer which integrates our chakras and spiritual energy centers. It is located in between the physical body and the etheric body.

– Eternal Body  11 Layer
The eleventh layer is the Eternal Body or Eternal Soul level and where our physical bodies are transformed into a light body and prepared for ascension, and is related to the Eleventh (Eternal or Eternal Soul) Chakra. It is connected to and above the memory body in a linear funnel/mushroom shape.

– Universal Mind Body  12 Layer
The twelfth layer is the Universal Mind Body or Divine Consciousness Level, known as the ultimate connection to the Divine, Universal Consciousness, Ascended Masters and God, and is related to the Twelfth (Universal Mind) Chakra. It is located in an encompassment of fluid-like illumination penetrating the entire bodiment of the auric layers or esoteric bodies.

Image result for etheric bodies


By Krya

You might have heard about this theory of 7 bodies, a human being is composed of. But is that true? Well you're are not mistaken as this is so true.

you might now wonder “ if this is true, then where are those 7 bodies located in us?” and “how do they all fit in us?” This physical body we have contains the rest of the bodies ( 6 invisible bodies). Those 6 subtle bodies do not all have a human form (legs, arms, head etc).
Especially not the last 3 subtle bodies.

Here's the list:
1) - Physical body
2) - Etheric Body
3) - Astral body
4) - Mental Body
5) - Causal body
6) - Buddic Body
7) - Atmic Body

[Image: 7bodies_myspiritualgroup.gif]
All those bodies occupy the same space, in a way that they mix like water in a brick, or milk in water. If we take the brick as our physical body, then water is the Etheric body (the first invisible body).
If it is true you can add to your cup of tea different other things like milk and sugar, then it is also true that you have in your physical body( in the cup of tea), a mix of other different bodies ( sugar, milk... ).
Also, each body do not vibrate at the same level. The physical body is the slowest in vibrations and the atmic body is the highest in vibrations. The higher the vibration the more the manifestation of God is possible. And what does that mean?
Vibrations means the degree of life. Life in the physical body is slower than life in the atmic body. That means, God is very much felt from the upper bodies than the lower ones.

The lower bodies are : The physical body, the astral body, the mental body.
The higher bodies are : the Causal body , the buddic body and the Atmic body.
So from here we can divide a human into 2 groups of bodies ( the lower bodies and the higher bodies).

But why must we consider this division? Well this is so we can come to answer most of the questions we commonly do not manage to answer. What is life? What is God? What is our purpose in life? why should we look for God?
One could answer to most of these questions from this knowledge of bodies. I'll explain.

The lower bodies is a trinity (1,2,3 bodies), this group of body is a copy of the higher bodies, which is also a trinity.
Trinity as you might already know is the expression of a kind of life. So what kind of life a normal human being usually have, the answer is the "The life of the lower bodies" (the lower trinity), yes because human in general function in that lower group of bodies.
The group of lower bodies is the lower nature (or lower self) of a human, and the group of higher bodies is the higher nature (or higher self) of a human.

Let's elaborate a bit more. Our lower nature is connected to the lower worlds ( or the lower regions of the universe), and our higher nature is connected to the higher worlds (or higher plans of existence), also called “the spiritual worlds”.
Here’s the relationship between our different subtle bodies and the subtle worlds.
the physical body = the physical world ( We can all see and touch )
The astral body = The astral world ( the world of our feelings and desires)
The mental body = The mental world ( The world of thoughts)
The causal body = The world of Ideas, Intuition, The knowledge of God.
The buddic body = The world of Universal Love, The love of God
The Atmic body = The world of Divine Power, the will of God.

So same as our physical body moves and lives in the physical world, the rest of bodies move and live in their respective worlds.
Now before I keep on, here's something worth to remember. Each body contains the rest of other bodies. For example, when we sleep, our astral body leaves our physical body. And it takes with him the rest of the subtle bodies, leaving in the physical body just a little part of the etheric body.
The same thing happens when our physical body dies. However this time, the etheric body completely leaves the physical body too ( generally 40 days after physical death if the body has not been burned).

Now all esoteric people say that a human being is structured in the same way as the universe. A humans is a small universe. That means everything we find in us should be found outside of us, in the bigger universe right?

So here's what things are in the outside world
But first of all I should warn you that I have no idea how big the universe is, I strongly believe it to be infinite (if not an infinite number of limited universes). That’s why I'll take a smaller (limited) universe as an example: Our solar system. The 7 planets are our 7 bodies.
The physical body = earth
The Etheric body = Moon
The astral body = Mars ( Moon too)
the mental body = mercury
the causal body = Jupiter
The buddic body = Venus
The atmic body = Saturn.

But the way I've positioned the planets changes from one spiritual system (school) to another, so your discernment is needed. From the outside universe we can see clearer and study in details about our own subtle bodies we can't see.

For example, science knows that mercury is the closest planet to the sun. If like esoteric people, you considered The sun as the expression of the Divine world, and Mercury as our mental body, it would be clear that our mind is closest to the Divine world (vibration wise) than the rest of the lower bodies (physical body and astral body).

Also science found out that although mercury is the closest to the sun, it's not the hottest, the hottest is Venus, Venus in us is the buddic body, so it then makes sense why it's so hot, because our buddic body is the one which is full of love ( heat). The love of God. Mars is also known to be hot, but not the same kind of hot as Venus, being connected to our astral body, this Mars hotness is our human way of loving.

Science says that the reason why mercury is not as hot as Venus, is because mercury almost has no atmosphere, so the heat is lost all the time in that planet. This explains why our mind doesn't know how to love, but it knows more of the light of God ( the beams of the sun) which reaches mercury sooner than other planets in the system. This is also explains why spiritualists empty the mind to connect to God light, since that is what Mercury (symbol of the mind) does. Mercury removes its atmosphere ( thoughts) to let the light touch him entirely.

Finally Science has observed how fast planets which are nearer to the sun move faster than those away from the sun. Mercury is the fastest of all planets. Just another explanation to why our mental body vibrates quicker than other planets. For example, things are done quicker in the mental world than in the astral or physical world. You can for example build a house in your mind in 10 seconds, while it would take you 10 years to finish building it in the physical world. You can now imagine how instantly the universe must have been created. However the physical side of the universe is taking longer to complete.

There are so many more things we can understand from the solar system, but I wouldn’t make of this post a book Smile

Let your personal meditation take you as far as to even match the 7 planets, the 7 days of the week to 7 chackras of our bodies.

Those body energies gather together in each body in the form of a Chakra. We can use the chakras to touch the spiritual body we want to develop. This is why chakra development was proved to be so effective in the practical spirituality for centuries.

Let’s maybe stick to the topic. Our lower nature, for being an image of the higher nature, needs to purify itself, the lower nature mission is to try to identify itself to the higher nature. The higher bodies trinity is indeed our higher nature. Our higher self is looking at a mirror (Time and space), and what he sees is its image ( the lower self). Most of us have our consciences in(working in) the image, in that other person of the mirror. We are living a in mirror, in an illusion, because the image is not the true us.

When we move our consciousness from our physical body into the astral body, we feel and desire whatever is going on in the astral world; the same when we move our consciousness into the causal body, we hear voice of God (the cosmic music, and spiritual ideas); And when we move our consciousness into the buddic body, we can love, truly love, and desire whatever goes on in the spiritual world, beauty can now be felt. As for the atmic body, don't ask me, I just do not know honestly.

The good news is that the causal body is the entry point to our higher nature, and that's where we are all going, and some of us are already there. When a human get to live his causal body most of the time, we say that the spiritual world is opened to him. That's where to me spirituality begins, where someone is reborn-ed, and can now make his way up to the top.
In reality when someone get to use his casual body, he also get to use a bit of his buddic and atmic body, because these 3 bodies are an entity, they work together. Just like our physical, astral and mental body work together.

Those bodies are mixed. that's why when we think, we can feel and act instantly. each body affect the other body. So the development of one will affect the others too. For example, you purified your physical body, then the next body, the astral body is also affected and it copies the physical body state. Now if you purify the astral body, it will influence both , the physical body and the mental body, because the astral body is in the center of our lower nature. This is why religion gave priority in developing a good heart, by giving us the "Do and don't does of life " ex: do not eat that, do not kill people, do not judge, do not insult etc , This is all to help us keep an acceptable astral body vibration. And to my view that's where the mission of religions stops.

Now for all who have tried to go beyond, who have higher Goals, Things goes as far as to rise the astral and mental vibrations and then the causal vibrations.

This is when we have understood that
The state of the mind body influences, changes strongly the astral body's state;
The state of the astral body changes the state (wealth ) of the physical body.
The state of the physical body affect our physical body and astral body and all the astral bodies around us in the visible world.

This is why, it's useless to force a spiritual face, because if your inside is pure enough, your face will have the expression of that purity. In fact we can't hide what we develop inside us.
It always comes out. Always. and it does not only stops to us, those changes that started inside will go out and influence everybody around us, and the higher we vibrate, the more positive influence we have on people's inner world.

Love and light to you.

The 4 Lower Bodies

"What you think and feel you bring into form, where your thought is there you are, for you are your consciousness; what you meditate upon, you become." ~ Saint Germain

The Chakras

By Krya

The chakras start to open when we keep activating them, in other words when we keep puting thier energies in action.
Each chakra activates with the force of a psychic color. There are 7 main chakras so 7 colors for each, will make a chakra in action.

Red will activate the root chakra
orange - the sacral
yellow - Navel
green - heart
blue - Throat
Indigo - Third eye
Purple - Grown.

Chakras are not located in the physical body, but in the etheric body, and that invisible body receives quickly things coming from our inside (thoughts and feelings). That's why visualization of the proper color at the proper chakra is a great tool to activate Chakras.

Chakras are activated by a good energy and is deactivated by a bad energy. A color inside of us is an energy, and a color can either be of bad quality or of a good quality.
A color inside of us manifest as an habit ( a vertus or vice), that means every time we manifest a vice, we are dis-activating a specific chakra.
For example, if someone gets very angry all the time, the psychic energy of anger is a dark red color that affect the root chakra, that kind of energy slows the vibration of the root chakra, which could cause that chakra to be inactive .
That means we can make a chakra active by practicing the good psychic habit.

But When a chakra has started to vibrate, I mean when it is at least 3% active. One can help it vibrate more using external colors (colorful cloths, colorful lights ). But I personally do not think
chakras would react to external colors if they have not yet been moved from the inside( from the internal colors).

Some other examples of bad psychic habits that can block chakras.
I repeat, these are some examples of worse vices that can be the cause of a complete inactivity of a chakra, So the below will not necessarily explain the under-activity of your chakra, but could be for others.

An inactive root chakra = Can be caused by Anger, jalousie, lack of enthusiasm.
inactive sacral = too sensual, lust, or problem with sexuality.
inactive Navel = lies, hypocrisy.lack of knowledge, Ignorance
inactive heart = careless,no love for people, hopeless
inactive Throat = not generous and unable to distinguish the truth, or communication problems.
inactive Third eye = lack of vigilance or unable to see thoughts, unable to visualize
inactive Grown. = less self control and will; pride; or missing wisdom.

So a part from working on chakras directly, one can effectively work safely on his chakras by practicing spiritual Virtues ( good habit of the mind and thoughts).
like if you start to study, get more and more knowledge and regularly, your Navel chakra will have to activate if it was under-active.

Exercises working directly on the chakras like breathing, visualization, mystic sounds, usage of oil on the body etc... are powerful too. But some among those exercises can present a danger.
A good understanding of chakra system is necessary to engage in activating them and especially opening them, many of those exercises out there can cause a lot of damage to whoever tackle this without knowing the consequences.
Some chakras are meant not to be developed at the beginning, some of them are meant to wait for other chakras before they can open.
Now if we do not know that, we might get into trouble, psychic problems and even physical illness (organ damage) can occur.
So a great care should be take with the kind of exercise we are using to work on Chakras.

Continuously working directly on the chakras can not only activate them but tend to open them fully ( at 100%).
and if for example you open the root chakra before you have dominated anger and jalousie, you will awake the the evil side of Kundalinie force which will burn everything in your spine.
Or if you try to open the sacral chakra without having dominated your sexual desires, you risk not only became worse ( sex addiction ) , but you will awake the power of astral travalling in the lower region of the invisible world. where you will be terrified by what you will see. as each Chakras when opened fully or (about to) awakes a specific psychic power.

Here's a method that can activate Chakras:
Now say you want to activate the heart chakra.

Sit down with your spine straight.
breath in the air with noses, imagine it's green air you are breathing in.
now hold that green color, with your imagination take it down to level of the heart chakra.
Hold that green color there for about some time while imagining that your chakra is being activated by that green color.
Imagine the green light coming out of that Chakra and all over your Chakra.
Then breath out the air, imagine that it's the dirt of your chakra going out of your noses.
do this for about 15 to 30 mins a day.

But remember to use the right color for the right chackra if you do this.
We can do this to more than one chakra.

I would advise not to work on the lower chakras harder before the upper chakras are enough balanced. The spiritual energies activated in the upper chakras will help the lower chakras to develop and open safely.


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An Esoteric Cosmology

An Esoteric Cosmology

On-line since: 15th January, 2001

by Rudolf Steiner
Eighteen Lectures delivered in Paris, France
May 25 to June 14, 1906
Bn 94.1, GA 94

This volume consists of notes by Schure of the 18 lectures Steiner gave in Paris in 1906. These notes constitute the only known record of these lectures. Steiner presents a survey of the evolution of the cosmos, earth and humanity in a comprehensive way that he later expanded into his book An Outline of Occult Science.

This is the authorized translation from shorthand reports unrevised by the lecturer. The original German texts of these lectures can be found in the Collected Edition of Rudolf Steiner's works, No. 94 in the Bibliographical Survey, 1961. (Includes a resume, as reported and transmuted from the German into French by Edouard Schuré who attended the lectures.)

This lecture series is presented here with the kind permission of the Rudolf Steiner Nachlassverwaltung, Dornach, Switzerland. From Bn 94.1, GA 94.
Copyright © 1978
This e.Text edition is provided through the wonderful work of:
St. George Publications
Spring Valley, New York

 Cover Sheet  
 Table of Contents  
 Prefatory Note  
 Foreword by Edouard Schuré  
III GOD, MAN, NATURE Paris 27th May, 1906
YOGA IN EAST AND WEST Paris 29th May, 1906
VI YOGA IN EAST AND WEST (conclusion) Paris 30th May, 1906
IX THE ASTRAL WORLD Paris 2nd June, 1906
THE ASTRAL WORLD (conclusion) Paris 6th June, 1906
XI THE DEVACHANIC WORLD Paris 7th June, 1906
XII THE DEVACHANIC WORLD (conclusion) Paris 8th June, 1906
XIV THE LOGOS AND MAN Paris 10th June, 1906
XVIII THE APOCALYPSE Paris 14th June, 1906


The Study of Man

The Study of Man

General Education Course

On-line since: 23rd June, 2002

By Rudolf Steiner

Translated by Daphne Harwood and Helen Fox
Bn 293, GA 293

These fundamental lectures contain the core of Steiner's view on the psychology of the human being. He covers such topics as mental pictures and will; memory and imagination; the soul activities of thinking, feeling, and willing; the forces of sympathy and antipathy; the twelve senses; the hierarchy of forces that move the will; and much more. This volume was part of the basic training material given by Steiner to the teachers of the first Waldorf School in Stuttgart and is still an important part of Waldorf teacher training.

First English edition (Rudolf Steiner Publishing Co., London, and Anthroposophic Press, N.Y.), 1947. Translation made from the first edition in German, 1932.

Second edition (Rudolf Steiner Press), 1966. Translation revised from the fifth edition of the German text, 1960. Second impression of second edition, 1975.

The German text of the following lectures is published under the title Allgemeine Menschenkunde als Grundlage der Pädagogik (No. 293 in the Bibliographical Survey, 1961).

This English edition is published by permission of the Rudolf Steiner Nachlassverwaltung, Dornach, Switzerland. From Bn 293, GA 293.


 Cover Sheet  


A Note on the Revised Translation


Lecture I August 21, 1919

Egoism and Materialism. Life before birth and after death. Pre-natal Education. Union of Spirit and Soul elements before birth. Union of these with Life-Body after birth. Importance of breathing in uniting the three-fold man. Nature of sleep in child and adult. The teacher makes his relation with the child through what he is, — which depends on his thoughts about the world. Children must learn to breathe and to sleep ...

Lecture II August 22, 1919

Mental picture and Will not understood to-day. Image character of mental picture which is devoid of reality or being. Mental picture stems from life before birth, Will from life after death. The former works through antipathy, the latter through sympathy. Memory arises through heightened antipathy, Imagination through heightened sympathy, as also sense pictures. Contrast of nerves and blood. Decay and seed. True function of motor nerves. Three places where sympathy and antipathy meet. Cosmic relations of threefold organism of man. Concepts produce carbonic acid, imaginative pictures oxygen. Need for planting seed pictures in child.

Lecture III August 23, 1919

Equal importance of teachers of children of all ages. Twofold division of man has supplanted older division into Body, Soul and Spirit. Conservation of energy not true for man. Intellect grasps only the dying, Will, in sense perception, grasps the becoming. Unique nature of ‘pure thinking.’ Nature could not exist without man. Dead human bodies are yeast to earth. Man thinks with bones as well as nerves. Origin of geometry lies in movement. Man keeps earth alive. Man not merely a spectator but a stage for cosmic events. Transformation, not conservation, is true law of life.

Lecture IV August 25, 1919

Will and feeling not understood to-day. Will never fully realised in life, something remains over. The three Spiritual Principles: Spirit-Self — Manas — Manes; Life Spirit; Spirit Man. The three Soul Principles: Consciousness, Intellectual and Sentient Souls. The three Bodily Principles: Astral, Etheric and Physical. How Will works in these. In physical, as instinct — animals act according to their physical bodies. In etheric, as impulse. In astral, as desire, which reaches to soul element. Through his ego man raises these to motive. Behind motive lie, in the unconscious, wish, intention and resolution which live in the three Spiritual Principles. Story of lady and horses, illustrating cleverness of the unconscious. Teacher must understand hidden being of man. Marxist education illustrated. Repetition, not exhortation, affects the Will ...

Lecture V August 26, 1919

Each of the three soul activities includes qualities of all. Balance of sympathy and antipathy in the senses. Human and animal senses. Child lives in sympathy. Moral development through antipathy. Between willing (sympathy) and thinking (antipathy) lies feeling which comprises both. True nature of judgment. Feeling is cognition in reserve and will in reserve. Meeting place of blood and nerves. Beckmesser and Walther. Wagner and Hanslick. Variety of feeling in different senses. Reality must be won through work.

Lecture VI August 27, 1919

Soul reveals itself in sympathy and antipathy. Light of consciousness in thinking. Unconsciousness of Will. Feeling lies midway. Man wakes in thinking, sleeps in willing, dreams in feeling. Types of children and how to help them. Ego, youngest principle of man, can only live in images, not in real forces of the world. How ego lives in thinking, feeling and willing. Difference of the two parts of Faust. Waking — knowing in images: Dreaming — inspired feeling: Sleeping — intuitive willing.

Lecture VII August 28, 1919

Soul apprehended through sympathy and antipathy: Spirit through states of consciousness. All comprehension comes through relating things. In childhood man principally Body; in middle years Soul; in old age Spirit. Body may block Spirit in old age (Kant — Michelet — Zeller). Man may belie Soul in middle years. Willing united with feeling in childhood, cognition with feeling in old age. Sense perception related to willing-feeling, not to cognition. Hence it lives in dreaming-sleeping. Moritz Benedikt's work. Two zones where man sleeps — sense sphere on periphery and inner sphere of blood and muscle. Physical-chemical processes in both. Intermediate sphere of decaying nerve substance is sphere of waking, where man becomes light, sound, etc. This is space aspect. In time, forgetting is sleeping, memory is waking.

Lecture VIII August 29, 1919

Effect of sleep on ego. Need to regulate remembering and forgetting. Connection of Will and memory. Interest begets memory. Each soul force contains the others as well. The Twelve Senses. Sense of another's ego lives in sympathy and antipathy. Touch, Life, Movement, Balance related to Will: Smell, Taste, Sight, Warmth to feeling: Ego-sense, Thought, Hearing, Speech to knowing. Interrelation of senses. Colour and form perceived by different senses. Goethe and colour ...

Lecture IX August 30, 1919

In first seven-year period child develops through imitation: in second through authority; in third through individual judgment. Need to permeate thinking with logic. The syllogism. Conclusions live in waking life and should not be memorised. Judgments carried in feeling. Concepts enter sleeping soul and affect body. Concepts of child form face of adult. Characterisations needed', not definitions. Relate everything to Man. Prayer metamorphosed to Blessing. In first period child assumes world is moral; in second beautiful; in third true ...

Lecture X September 01, 1919

Consideration of Body. Spherical (Sun) form of head. Moon form of breast. Radial form of limbs. Jaws are stunted limbs in head. Blood and muscle nature of limbs. Tubular limb bones: rounded head bones. Metamorphosis in bones. Head centre is within: breast centre outside: limb centre in periphery. Sense of cosmic relations in ancient sculpture. Head arrests limb movement. Head and breast turn limb dance to song and music. Head man reveals Body: Breast man Body and Soul: Limb man Body, Soul and Spirit. Council of 869 A.D. and its consequences. Head alone is evolved animal, not breast or limbs. Teacher must understand man as microcosm.

Lecture XI September 02, 1919

Relation of head to Body, Soul and Spirit. In first period of childhood Soul and Spirit are dreaming and sleeping outside child, hence he imitates. Head fully formed at change of teeth. Relation of Breast and Limbs to Body, Soul and Spirit. Head perfected but sleeping. Limbs awake but unformed. Teacher can only educate part of child. First mother milk, then mother speech awaken child. Teacher's task to continue this awakening. Writing should be learnt by way of breast and limbs, and developed from drawing and painting. Elementary school concerned with breast man. Relation of memory and imagination to physical growth.

Lecture XII September 03, 1919

Relation of human organs to outer world. Head the oldest formation. It shapes the human being, but has tendency to create animal forms. Trunk and limb systems prevent this, and transform animal forms into thoughts. Trunk system related to plant world. Oxygen changed to carbon in breathing. Plants would arise in man if he retained carbon. Illnesses caused through plant nature asserting itself, Plants are pictures of illnesses. In digestion only middle process of combustion occurs, How breathing — the anti-plant process — unites with this middle. Hygiene of future. Mechanics of limb movement, behind which lie the forces in which the ego lives. These forces dissolve the mineral in man. Destructive illnesses arise when this does not happen. Lines of therapy.

Lecture XIII September 04, 1919

Head formed from within out; limbs from without in Man acts as dam for in-rushing Soul and Spirit. Balance between destructive activity of these and constructive of Body. Part played by chest and limb systems. Nature and effect of fat in child. Living elements absorb Soul and Spirit, decaying let them through. Blood opaque to Spirit, Nerve transparent. Spirit active in bodily work, Body in mental. Relation of sleep to different forms of bodily activity. Purposeful movements needed. Eurythmy and Sport. Sport practical Darwinism. Relation of sleep to different forms of mental activity. Interest essential ...

Lecture XIV September 05, 1919

In Head, nose represents trunk, jaws limbs. Actual limbs are jaws of a spiritual head which continually devour man from without. Upper part of chest man develops to head nature in larynx — the “head of the throat.” Sounds of speech, nasal, etc., correspond to parts of head. When second teeth appear grammar needed as corresponding skeleton of speech. Lower trunk develops limb character towards puberty in sex organs which are coarsened limb nature. Inner warmth necessary as correspondence, i.e. Imagination. Examples in imaginative treatment of subjects. Camera Obscura and theorem of Pythagoras. No pedantry permissible in teaching. Schelling. A maxim for teachers ...